Review of research studies conducted accoring to grant

Review of research studies conducted accoring to grant

On 3rd February 2020 in Ł-IPO branch Pszczyna, took place the review of research and development studies that were conducted according to grant given by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The following studies were reviewed:

1. Assessment of the suitability of tests for Hydra attenuata and Brachydanio rerio for teratogenic tests for plant protection products with varying degrees of teratogenic activity for the purposes of developing a new alternative test method- study director: vet. Robert Sornat,

2. Immunohistochemical methods as part of the assessment of the effects of chemicals on organs and tissues in toxicity and carcinogenicity studies- study director : vet. Agnieszka Drzewiecka,

3. Optimization of the chosen test method for the purpose of identifying eye irritation- study director: Daniel Krakowian, PhD

4. Validation of the method combining a minimum of two key stages in skin sensitization, i.e. keratinocyte inflammatory response and dendritic cell activation study director- study director: Dominika Gądarowska, MSc

5. The use of advanced and innovative methods for removing pharmaceuticals from sludge in order to effectively protect aquatic ecosystems- study director: Agnieszka Środa, MSc

6. Validation of the OECD 438 method for histopathological assessment to update the laboratory proficiency - study director: vet. Agnieszka Drzewiecka

7. Validation of the OECD TG 487 and OECD TG 476 methods to introduce the in vitro genotoxicity package into services provided to the client- study director: Daniel Krakowian, PhD

8. Validation of the In vitro h-CLAT method according to OECD Guideline TG 442E- study director: Dominika Gądarowska, MSc

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Most important events

1947The Experimental-Research Station of Pesticides of the Azot Chemical Plant in Jaworzno and the Laboratory of Potato Beetle Biology and Control were founded in the place of the former School of Rural Household in Pszczyna.
1951The Experimental-Research Station of Pesticides was transferred to the Institute of Dyes and Semi-Manufactured Articles in Warsaw.
1957The Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry in Pszczyna was founded as one of four branches of the main Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry in Warsaw.
1960The following two research departments were founded:
  • Department of Pesticide Biological Effectiveness Evaluation
  • Department of Pesticide Side-Effects.

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