New alternative methods at Łukasiewicz - IPO

Łukasiewicz - IPO in cooperation with the Silesian University of Technology implemented in 2018 - 2022 the program of the
Ministry of Education and Science "Implementation Doctorate" II edition.
The result of the project is the development of two research methods:

1) "Activation of dendritic cells and keratinocytes as an alternative method of assessing the sensitizing effect of xenobiotics"


2) "Development and validation of an alternative teratogenicity test method using Hydra attenuata and Brachydanio rerio".

These ethods can be used as screening methods for the assessment of skin sensitization and teratogenic properties.

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Most important events

1947The Experimental-Research Station of Pesticides of the Azot Chemical Plant in Jaworzno and the Laboratory of Potato Beetle Biology and Control were founded in the place of the former School of Rural Household in Pszczyna.
1951The Experimental-Research Station of Pesticides was transferred to the Institute of Dyes and Semi-Manufactured Articles in Warsaw.
1957The Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry in Pszczyna was founded as one of four branches of the main Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry in Warsaw.
1960The following two research departments were founded:
  • Department of Pesticide Biological Effectiveness Evaluation
  • Department of Pesticide Side-Effects.

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