Visit of Biotechnology students from the Silesian University of Technology

The Łukasiewicz Research Network - Institute of Organic Industry, as part of Social Responsibility of Science, organizes classes for students every year at its Branch in Pszczyna.

This year, there have already been two students’ visits, on January 11 and May 23, 2024.

Students of Biotechnology at the Silesian University of Technology during their courses of REACH product registration procedures and Biomonitoring and Ecotoxicology, which visited Łukasiewicz-IPO, had the opportunity to see what research work in laboratories looks like and get acquainted with research systems.

Thanks to the microscopes, they could see small organisms such as Folsomia candida, Hypoaspis aculeifer, Aphidius rhopalosiphi. The students also visited our apiary and a plot with tanks for mesocosm research.

Because of the visits, students acquire basic knowledge about the realities of work at research institute, which is consistent with their field of study, and at the same time obtain information about the possibility of undergoing an internship, as well as employment in the future after graduation.

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Most important events

1947The Experimental-Research Station of Pesticides of the Azot Chemical Plant in Jaworzno and the Laboratory of Potato Beetle Biology and Control were founded in the place of the former School of Rural Household in Pszczyna.
1951The Experimental-Research Station of Pesticides was transferred to the Institute of Dyes and Semi-Manufactured Articles in Warsaw.
1957The Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry in Pszczyna was founded as one of four branches of the main Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry in Warsaw.
1960The following two research departments were founded:
  • Department of Pesticide Biological Effectiveness Evaluation
  • Department of Pesticide Side-Effects.

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